May 6, 2016

Battery Management

"What do you mean by 'Active Battery Management'?"

"How is it different than battery monitoring?"

"I already have battery monitoring, what can Generex do that my equipment cant?"

"How will it save me money and increase reliability?"

       These are the most common questions I hear as a Generex reseller. To answer these questions it is easiest to explain what the functions and capabilities are of the Generex BACS® (Battery Analysis & Care System). Like most battery monitoring systems, BACS® will provide you with up to date battery voltage and impedance. BACS® will also provide you with up to date individual battery temperature, not just ambient as many are limited to. What really sets BACS® apart from the crowd is the ability to balance each individual battery's voltage within a 1/100th of a volt. Through a patented process called EQ BACS® every individual battery in a string of batteries will have the exact same voltage. When you are able to not only monitor your battery's health but increase it's reliability by applying the ideal charging voltage you are not only monitoring your batteries; you are actively managing them. The BACS® system has many other features that set it apart.    Learn more by exploring the links below. 

Basic Functions
Voltage, Temperature, Impedance, Current, and Battery Data Trending

Voltage Balancing
How does BACS® balance the voltage of every battery in a string of up to 360 batteries?

Battery Life
How can active battery management extend battery life?

Discharge Graphs
When a discharge happens, planned or not, BACS® captures data and reports it.

Thermal Runaway
Protecting your UPS and other battery strings from catastrophic failure automatically. 

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